used tractors for sale by John Deere, Farmall, Ford and more.


JD 9400 Tractor
Stock Number: 1239 425hp, 4WD, 8751hrs, 710/70R38 front & rear duals, cold air, just out of the field
Serial Number: RW9400P002420
Price: $64,500.00

IH 966 Tractor
Stock Number: 1328 91hp, 2WD, 7251hrs, 18.4-34 tires, 3pt hitch, 540/1000 PTO, single hyd, no TA (never had one)
Serial Number: 2510175U007271
Price: $6,950.00

Case 1470 Tractor
Stock Number: 1535 145hp, 4WD, 1445hrs, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, no PTO, 504 turbo, 18.4-34 tires, traction king, original black
Serial Number: N/A
Price: $5,950.00

IH 3788 Tractor
Stock Number: 1548 170hp, 4WD, 4939hrs, 18.4R38 front/rear tires 80%, 2+2, 3hyd, 3pt, 1000PTO, no front grill, runs great
Serial Number: 2900001U9753
Price: $9,950.00

JD 2510 Tractor
Stock Number: 2611 NFE, 55hp, 2WD, 3508hrs, 15.5-338 tires, 540 PTO, 3pt, single hyd, gas, front weights, hard to find
Serial Number: T711R013670R
Price: $5,950.00

IH Super MTA Tractor
Stock Number: 2719 47hp, 2WD, hrs N/A, WFE, 14.9-38 tires, 3pt hitch, 540 PTO, single hyd
Serial Number: 72479S
Price: $5,250.00

NH TC24DA Tractor
Stock Number: 2723 24hp, MFWD, 1816hrs, 540PTO, 5-12 front/8-16 rear tires, "HST" rollbar
Serial Number: N/A
Price: $4,950.00

JD 4755 Tractor
Stock Number: 3233 180hp, MFWD, 3242hrs, front fenders, (20) front weights, 16.9R30 front/20.8R-42 rear duals, 3pt hitch, 3 hyd, 1000 PTO, sharp!
Serial Number: RW4755P007410
Price: $49,500.00

JD 8630 Tractor
Stock Number: 3943 275hp, 4WD, 18.4R-38 front/rear duals, 3pt hitch, 3hyd, no PTO
Serial Number: 8630H001300R
Price: $12,500.00

JD 4630 Tractor
Stock Number: 4108 150hp, 2WD, 7055hrs, 10 front weights, 18.4R38 rear tires, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, 1000 PTO
Serial Number: 4630P013644R
Price: $12,500.00

JD 8630 Tractor
Stock Number: 4125 275hp, 4WD, 3hyd, 1000 PTO, 3pt hitch, 23.1-30 tires, 8650 engine, transmission rebuilt
Serial Number: 8630H-1124R
Price: $11,500.00

IH 1066 Tractor
Stock Number: 4424 126hp, 2WD, 2601hrs, 18.4-38 tires, dual hyd, 540/1000 PTO, 3pt hitch
Serial Number: 2610172U032374
Price: $9,950.00

IH Farmall "H" Tractor
Stock Number: 4549 26hp, 2WD, NFE, 11-38 tires, 540 PTO, runs good, patch on block
Serial Number: FBH26929
Price: $750.00

MM "U" Tractor
Stock Number: 4601 36hp, 2WD, single hyd, 540 PTO, 18.4-30 tires, runs good
Serial Number: 01248UL813
Price: $1,950.00

IH Farmall B Tractor
Stock Number: 4602 18hp, 2WD, NFE, 11.2-24 tires, 540 PTO, runs good
Serial Number: FAB210300
Price: $1,950.00