used tractors for sale by John Deere, Farmall, Ford and more.


IH 1086 Tractor
Stock Number: 1030 131hp, 2WD, 7100hrs, TA good, 18.4-38 tires, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, 540/1000 PTO, CAH
Serial Number: 0100500
Price: $9,950.00

White 2-105 Tractor
Stock Number: 1232 105hp, 2WD, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, 540 PTO, 18.4R-34 tires, (8) front weights, no leaks, well maintained
Serial Number: H22282112220
Price: $12,950.00

JD 9400 Tractor
Stock Number: 1239 425hp, 4WD, 8600hrs, 4hyd, no leaks, farm tractor, 710/70R38 tires, powershift trans, uses no oil, new cab kit, runs & drives great
Serial Number: RW9400P002420
Price: $64,500.00

IH 966 Tractor
Stock Number: 1328 91hp, 2WD, 7251hrs, 18.4-34 tires, 3pt hitch, 540/1000 PTO, single hyd, no TA (never had one)
Serial Number: 2510175U007271
Price: $6,950.00

IH 3088 Tractor
Stock Number: 1346 81hp, 2WD, 2100hrs, 18.4-34 tires, 3pt, dual hyd, 540/1000 PTO, one owner, always shedded, sharp!
Serial Number: 2480001U000887
Price: $18,500.00

IH 986 Tractor
Stock Number: 1826 105hp, 2WD, 2013hrs, 18.4-34 rear tires, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, 540/1000 PTO, one owner!
Serial Number: 2510189U012729
Price: $10,500.00

AC 185 Tractor
Stock Number: 1850 74hp, 2WD, 5235hrs, dsl, 540 PTO, dual hyd, no leaks, runs great, 1979, WFE, 3pt, cab
Serial Number: 12961-79
Price: $6,950.00

IH 1066 Tractor
Stock Number: 2526 125hp, 2WD, 540/1000 PTO, dual hyd, 18.4-38 tires, good TA
Serial Number: 2610172U023426
Price: $8,950.00

AC 7030 Tractor
Stock Number: 2533 130hp, 2WD, 3054hrs, 20.8R38 tires, 540 PTO, 2pt, dual hyd, runs & drives good
Serial Number: N/A
Price: $6,950.00

Versatile 835 Tractor
Stock Number: 2605 230hp, 4WD, 5722hrs, 3pt hitch, dual hyd, 20.8-38 duals
Serial Number: N/A
Price: $14,500.00

JD 2510 Tractor
Stock Number: 2611 NFE, 55hp, 2WD, 3508hrs, 15.5-338 tires, 540 PTO, 3pt, single hyd, gas, front weights, hard to find
Serial Number: T711R013670R
Price: $5,950.00

Case IH 895 Tractor
Stock Number: 2627 Case IH 2255 Loader, 18.4-34 Tires, 540 PTO, 3 pt, 3 Hydraulics (2 used for loader), Heat and Air, Rack & Pinion Axles, Sharp!
Serial Number: JAG0231022
Price: $15,500.00

JD 8650 Tractor
Stock Number: 2718 290hp, 4WD, 8889hrs, 18.4R-42 duals, 3pt hitch, 1000 PTO, 4hyd, 2500hrs on engine OH
Serial Number: RW8650H005738
Price: $23,500.00

JD 4630 Tractor
Stock Number: 2742 150hp, MFWD, 9049hrs, 3pt hitch, 1000 PTO, dual hyd, 18.4R-38 rear/14.9-24 front tires, 2500hrs on engine overhaul
Serial Number: 4630H020588R
Price: $12,950.00

IH 274 Tractor
Stock Number: 3232 30hp, 2WD, 1250hrs, dsl, 12.4-24 tires, 540 PTO, cultivator, 3pt, side dresser, sharp!
Serial Number: 2130008U009165
Price: $9,950.00